Railyard Click Clack Table Tennis

There are few sports that are as instantly playable and fun as table tennis and, if you’ve got the space to accommodate a table in your home or office, then you might as well go for one that boasts a stunning design like this brilliant looking Click Clack Table Tennis Table from Railyard.

Railyard are a Nashville based design studio that specialises in furniture design from reclaimed wood and steel and the awesome looking table tennis table is unquestionably one of our favourite offerings emerging from their body of work. This fantastic looking offering will give you the chance to play table tennis in style and its vintage, rustic design is definitely going to appeal to those wanting to add a touch of class to their home games room.

The Click Clack Table Tennis Table from Railyard is a unique custom design from Robert Hendrick and is regulation size but, as you’ll see, considerably more rustic than the norm and boasts reclaimed rail line from the Tennessee Coal & Iron Company. Check out a few more shots below:





Glorious from an aesthetic point of view and genuinely interesting courtesy of the reclaimed materials utilised in its construction, we’re loving this brilliant piece of design from Railyard and, coupled with our love of ping pong, you’ll understand why we’re wanting one of these in our headquarters real bad.

Price: $13,995

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