Redbeard Brew Bars

Cleanliness is next to Godliness as they say but, in the eyes of The Coolector, beer is right up there as well and, as luck would have it, a great product exists that brings these two important elements together and it goes by the name of Redbeard Brew Bars.

Permit us to explain, Redbeard Brew Bars are the work of former US Marine, Zeb, who operates out of Georgia, USA, creating the most awesome soap known to man. Why’s it so awesome I hear you say? Well, because it is made from beers and ciders brewed by Zeb’s own fair hand and what man doesn’t want to lather up in their own favourite tipple? We here at Coolector HQ would happily bathe in booze were it a socially acceptable option.

Redbeard Brew Bars are hand-crafted, all natural soaps which have been infused with homemade beers to create rustic looking, great smelling soaps that any beer loving chap will certainly appreciate. Needless to say, they also boast more soap acceptable ingredients such as coconut oils, avocado oil and other essential oils so, despite however much you might want to, you won’t smell like beer after using Redbeard Brew Bars. You will be considerably more manly, however.

Price: $9+

Available: Redbeard Brew Bars

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