Canadiano Coffee Brewers

We’re pretty serious about our coffee here at Coolector HQ and will always keep our beady eye out for coffee related awesomeness. Well, we’re happy to report, that we’ve just stumbled across an example of such awesomeness in the form of these brilliant, Canadiano Coffee Brewers.

Billed as the “new way of brewing coffee, everyday” Canadiano Coffee Brewers also have the good grace to look top notch as well as offering a delicious cup of cha at the end of it. Available in three different incarnations of wood – maple, walnut and cherry wood – you’ll find it hard not to be impressed with the visual appeal of these brewers which work in the same manner as your standard pour over coffee makers but, as you can patently see, look a good deal more ace.

You choose your choice of wooden base depending on the sorts of coffees that you enjoy as each will bring out the flavours in a different way and make your favourite coffee all the more enjoyable as a result. We drink altogether more coffee than we should at Coolector HQ and devilishly cool accessories like this aren’t going to slow our roll any I wouldn’t have thought. Check out the uber-awesome Canadiano Coffee Brewers below:




Though one of our New Year’s resolutions should probably be to drink less coffee, we’re already off to a terrible start after discovering Canadiano Coffee Brewers, so we’ve bumped this resolution to 2015.

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