Cycling in urban landscapes is not always the most straightforward of endeavours and, truth be told, you need to have nerves of steel to cycle around cities these days. That being said, however, if you have the right steed for the job then things are invariably that bit easier and that’s why this excellent looking REVO Bike has captured our imagination here at Coolector HQ.

A concept design from Hungarian industrial designer, Tamás Túri, this amazing looking REVO Bike is billed as being the ultimate in urban riding courtesy of some clever design features and robust engineering decisions. Looking quite unlike any other bike you’re likely to have seen, the unusual aesthetics of the REVO Bike are a definite plus in our books and it has been carefully designed to deliver all the components you’ll need for everyday riding in the city.

City Biking At Its Finest

Though most of us would prefer to ride our bikes in more relaxing scenarios, city biking is a must for a lot of people and having a bike that’s got your bike is a must and that’s what is so impressive about this supremely well designed REVO Bike. It has a saddle that takes its design inspiration from scooters meaning that it’s much wider and elongated elongated than the norm which makes it more comfortable for long rides.

REVO Bike’s revolutionary long seat is specifically designed for carrying two passengers so if you’re heading the same place as your buddy in the city, this is the perfect mode of transportation to get you there. It is crafted from an array of materials which includes mixed 3D printed plastic, wood and steel which make the cruiser both flexible, robust and lightweight all at the same time.

Described as a whole new means of city transportation, the REVO Bike offers a highly sustainable design which is sure to appeal to the eco-conscious cyclist out there and the whole design of the bike is geared towards comfort and performance. It boasts a flatpack construction which means suppliers can pack it in a smaller box than would usually be the case. In addition, it gives the customers the feeling of satisfaction that comes from crafting your own bicycle with your own two hands.

Innovative Design

With a frame that consists of two wooden parts, when the bike is fully assembed these pieces are bending outwards because the rear hub is wider than other parts of the bike. What this means is that there is a constant tension which helps to overcome other damaging forces like the twisting of the frame. The fact that wood is more flexible than steel or aluminium and more comfortable to ride on rougher concrete roads is the reason that is has been chosen as the main material for the construction of these visually striking REVO Bikes.

Clever design, robust performance and the ultimate in city transportation, this REVO Bike might only be a prototype design at present but such is the number of feathers in its cap, it surely won’t be long before a manufacturer realises its potential and it becomes a fully fledged bike in its own right.

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