Manual Coffeemaker Nº3

Coffee is fuel for the mind in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and we’ll always be striving to find awesome new means of making and pouring it and this fantastic Kickstarter campaign called the Manual Coffeemaker Nº3 is certainly one of the finest looking implements we’ve seen in a while and for anyone with a love of coffee, it’s overflowing with cool features that help to set it apart from the ever growing coffee crowd.

The Manual Coffeemaker Nº3 is part of the Kickstarter Gold series of designs and it is, essentially, a highly versatile offering that is a flexible coffee system that can be used for your choice of beverage be this pour-over, French press or cold brew. If you favour minimal design and impressive functionality, there will be plenty that appeals with this Manual Coffeemaker Nº3 and it’s already hurtling towards its funding target.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

There is a real sense of satisfaction that comes from hand brewing your own coffee and it provides an unparalleled taste, aroma and finish that you just don’t get with more instantaneous varieties. This Manual Coffeemaker Nº3 allows you to fully engage in the ritual of making coffee and if that’s something that is important to you, you’ll not find many candidates for fulfilling this pleasure than this first class coffee maker funding over on Kickstarter now.

The Manual Coffeemaker Nº3 is a minimalistic and decidedly understated glass pitcher—which has been hand-blown with a double walled design for the striking aesthetic that you see before you. This spiffing piece of design is a coffee lover’s dream as it allows you to create an whole pot of pour-over, French press, or even cold brew coffee. All you need to do then is close the pitcher with the cork lid, and bring it to the table to enjoy you tasty beverage with others.

A large format coffee maker that means it’s more sociable because you can make coffee for everyone and not just by the cup, the Manual Coffeemaker Nº3 ensures your fresh-brewed coffee remains hotter for longer courtesy of the robust double-walled construction of the device. Better still, it won’t cost and arm and a leg to operate because you can make your coffees using regular store bought auto drip filters.

Delicious Design

The minimalistic design of the Manual Coffeemaker Nº3 definitely appeals to us here at Coolector HQ as this is the aesthetic we favour but it combines these excellent visuals with some superb functionality and performance to deliver one of the finest coffee makers you’re likely to encounter.

For those with a love of the whole process of making coffee and the ritual that goes along with it, this is the perfect ally for you because it keeps you involved every step of the way and adds a real social element to your coffee making that it’s hard not to be won over by. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen, there’s still plenty of time to get behind the campaign over on Kickstarter.

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