RevolCam Multi-Lens Photo Accessory

Taking pictures with your smartphone is likely part and parcel of your day to day life and for those of you with a real desire to ramp up the quality of the pictures that you’re taking, getting your hands on the latest and greatest accessories is a must. One of the best we’ve seen of late so far as taking photos is concerned, is this superb looking Kickstarter project by the name of the RevolCam Multi-Lens Photo Accessory which boasts three high quality camera lenses, an adjustable brightness LED and Selfie Mirror.

The RevolCam Multi-Lens Photo Accessory is a simple and effective add-on to your smartphone which you can pull out whenever you want to take a quality picture or selfie photo. This clever little bit of kit has a universal fit so it will be suitable for more or less any smartphone device and its compact and lightweight design makes sure its not a burden when taking it on adventures with you to capture out of this world photo opportunities.

Comprehensive Technology

With this sort of product, you’re going to want something that can help improve and enhance any photo you take and the RevolCam Multi-Lens Photo Accessory excels at this. Billed as the complete creative solution for your smartphone camera, this cracking little device uses an innovate approach to enhancing the quality of your smartphone camera. The small, simple to use design effortlessly clips onto any smartphone, which is the sort of versatility that is essential today.

With three lenses which you can swap out in a matter of seconds by merely flicking your finger – something achieved courtesy of the revolving design – the RevolCam really is smartphone photography evolved and makes it so much easier to capture photos exactly as you want them. The wide angle, fisheye and macro lenses ensure you have an abundance of options for any adventure, and included alongside these lenses is a built-in mirror for high-quality selfies not to mention a detachable LED light for impeccable photos in any lighting conditions.

The RevolCam Multi-Lens Photo Accessory uses a intuitive rotary lens system which is the main design feature that makes the RevolCam™ stand out from the competition as it makes sure you can swap lenses with just the flick of a finger. You don’t have to take anything of or lose valuable seconds swapping lenses – which might mean you miss the once in a lifetime shot you’re trying to capture. With the RevoLens design, you effortlessly rotate the lenses to choose the one you want and they are all automatically centered when you use them – it’s as simple as that.

Total Control

Needless to say, this isn’t the only camera accessory out there for smartphones but what is fair to say is that it is one of the most comprehensive and it will give you total control over how you take your photos. Given just how popular it has been already over on Kickstarter, it would appear there is a big market for a device of this nature and if you love taking photos with your smartphone and want to increase the diversity of the sort of shots you capture, this is a piece of kit for you.

Giving you all the creative tools you need to get the images you desire, the RevolCam Multi-Lens Photo Accessory is portable, lightweight and robust so regardless of the sort of adventures you find yourself on this autumn and beyond, it will be right there by your side capturing images that last a lifetime. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen with this ace looking accessory, head on over to Kickstarter now and pick yours up for a bargain price.

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