Rezvani Tank

To be honest, we’re pretty sure that driving an actual tank out on the open road is going to be at best “frowned upon” and, at worst” see you wind up in a jail cell but there’s always the next best thing to sate your appetite for beastly, uncompromising machines – say hello to the rather extraordinary Rezvani Tank.

The Revani Tank is billed as a tactical urban vehicle and what this essential boils down to is the fact it’s a bad ass looking machine that you’re allowed to ride around town. It is an extreme utility vehicle which has been carefully designed and crafted to deliver excellence in any on-road or off-road challenge and when you see it’s capabilities first hand, you’ll wonder why this stunning contraption hasn’t been sitting in your garage for longer (barring the eye-watering price tag of course).

Beastly Brilliance

A stunning machine from top to bottom, the Rezvani Tank was designed and conceived from a vision of delivering a truly pure driving experience and its creators have strived to make it the most capable machine both on and off road and this is something they’ve aimed to accomplish through a phenomenal series of design features. This breathtaking machine boasts a 6.4L 500 horsepower, V8 engine, a thermal night vision system, 4×4 on demand and optional ballistic armour protection if you really want to ramp up the tank-like nature of this machine.

The Rezvani Tank really is an off-roader’s dream vehicle and has high ground clearance, top of the range off-road suspension capabilities alongside extremely proficient tires which deliver unstoppable performance over any terrain you can think of. Robustness is integral to the design of this miraculous looking machine and it has the sort of stealthy visual impact that is sure to appeal to those looking for a car that simultaneously flies under the radar and is impossible to take your eyes off.

With all sorts of cracking design features to be enjoyed with the Rezvani Tank, such as power-initiated, rear-opening doors which provide simple entry into the striking cabin, ergonomically designed seats with just the right amount of padding which ensure maximum comfort for longer drives and a head-up display system which showcases your speed, navigation, incoming calls, text messages, fuel level, calendar notifications and speed limit on the current road to name but a few. Pretty cool, no?

Uncompromising Ride

For anyone who is looking for the ultimate in off-roading machines, which is just as capable in urban environments, you’re going to be hard pressed to find a more striking and impressive ride than the Rezvani Tank. Whilst the price tag of around $180k is going to be a pretty prohibitive stumbling block for most, if you’ve got the requisite readies to afford this exemplary machine, it’s definitely not going to let you down.

Aesthetically superior and as versatile and uncompromising as they come in both on and off-road terrains, the Rezvani Tank has already begun to turn heads aplenty amongst those eager to get their hands on such a brutish contraption. Amazing features abound and top of the range materials are used throughout to ensure this sensational ride justifies its lofty price tag.

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