RHA Stainless Steel Headphones

Given the amount of music that most people listen to nowadays, finding a sturdy, stylish pair of headphones is a must and whilst those typically supplied by Apple with their devices are technologically competent, most consumers will often seek a pair with a touch more individuality and, for those people, we’ve found these awesome looking RHA Stainless Steel headphones which certainly look a good deal different than the norm – a fact that definitely appeals.

RHA Stainless Steel Headphones are, somewhat obviously, constructed from stainless steel by one of Britain’s leading audio brands, RHA. The finished product looks superbly industrial and we’re loving the aesthetic here at The Coolector. Ergonomically designed as you would expect, these stainless steel headphones are wonderfully durable and will stand up to the rigours of everyday use remarkably well.

These aesthetically superior headphones are RHA’s first foray into the high-end market as they have hitherto been known for their affordable headphones and they’ve hit a home run at the first attempt and you can see a few more shots of these first rate accessories below:








Headphones are the sort of things that you’re often happy to pay a premium for providing that they provide a top quality performance, a visual appeal and a durability that means they won’t need to be replaced for a good long while – all qualities that can be applied to these stainless steel headphones from RHA.

Price: $199

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