Shinola Detroit Arrow Bicycle

We’re unapologetic in having our favourite brands here at Coolector HQ and this is unquestionably a bracket in which one of Detroit’s finest, Shinola, find themselves in and that’s why we’re always loitering around the website waiting for them to unleash new awesomeness and we’ve just been treated to an absolute belter in the form of their fantastic Shinola Detroit Arrow Bicycle – the brand’s first single speed bike.

We’re big fans of retro looking bicycles here at The Coolector and the Shinola Detroit Arrow Bike definitely satisfies this desire with it’s sleek design and eye-catching visuals. This spiffing machine is specifically designed to be streamlined for urban riding and offers plenty of features that make it a stand out offering from the Shinola stable. This fantastic looking steed boasts a completely new TIG-welded TrueTemper steel frame design and manufactured at Waterford Precision Cycles in Wisconsin and the frame itself is available in both black and white.

The Shinola Detroit Arrow Bicycle has a tradmark Shinola leather saddle, cork grips, fenders, chain guard and bell alongside custom laser-cut rear dropouts that feature the Shinola “S” – all in all, it is one highly attractive machine that performs as well as it looks. Check out a few more shots of this top notch bicycle below:





If getting a new bike is a priority for you this spring, casting a glance in the direction of Shinola is always a good place to start and their latest offering is unquestionably amongst their best. The attention to design that goes into each one in Shinola’s Detroit workshop is second to none and each one that leaves their factory is as impeccable as you’d expect. A stunning looking bike and one we’re massive fans of here at Coolector HQ.

Price: $1000

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