Rhodes Dean Boots

Finding the perfect pair of boots for your spring and summer wardrobe isn’t always easy but we might just have found the perfect candidate in the shape of these awesome looking Dean Boots from leading American boot maker, Rhodes. The beauty of the Dean Boots from Rhodes is plain to see and they come in a number of different colourways to suit your personal style persuasions. With a decidedly vintage look and feel, these are the sort of boots that today’s contemporary men gravitate towards.

With a price tag of $220, the Rhodes Dean Boots represent excellent value for money considering the high quality materials used in the construction of this exemplary footwear. The Dean Boots are billed as being perfect for those who don’t need to see their name in the lights. The ones that finish the job on time and under-budget on principle. This boot’s for them and whilst it may not unseat your most dressy and expensive pair, these boots are one you can depend on day-in, day-out for any adventures you have afoot.

Family Affair

It’s easy to see when a pair of boots are a cut above in the craftsmanship department and this is certainly something which can be applied to these fantastic looking Rhodes Dean Boots. They have partnered up with a third-generation, family-run bootmaker in northern Portugal to ensure the high quality of every pair that they produce and the Dean Boots are amongst their finest to date. Every pair is expertly handmade to exacting standards from fine calf leather which will get better with every step you take.

The Dean Boots from Rhodes are fully resoleable which means that they are suitable for a lifetime of service and adventures. We’ll raise a glass to that here at Coolector HQ and for anyone in the market for their next pair of day to day wear boots, these have to be a chief contender. Wonderfully comfortable right out of the box, these Rhodes Dean Boots have a striking aesthetic that we’re big fans of and the quality is second to none from top to bottom.

Each pair of the awesome looking Dean Boots is built for one thing, and one thing only: namely, to be the best damn everyday boot out there. They are the sort of boot that you can lace up and know it’s going to do the job without question or compromise. Every element of these boots was carefully considered to contribute to this mission and the attention to detail is second to none. This includes a Texon® insole with thermal insulation and anti-shock foam layer provides all-day comfort and speed hook lacing which goes on and comes off effortlessly.

Portugese Perfection

The handcrafted nature of these Dean Boots from Rhodes ($220) makes them stand out from the competition and they will rapidly become the cornerstone of your footwear collection and the pair that you reach for every time you head out the door. The Portuguese factory that builds them has over half a century of experience and expertise in crafting boots and it shows with the tangible quality of every pair.

Every time you thread the laces through the easy-on speed hooks, you’ll begin to witness the calf leather subtly ageing with a beautiful patina which makes them more uniquely yours each time you head out the door. For any man who wants a high quality pair of boots for their spring and summer adventures, these Dean Boots are going to tick all of the right boxes and, perhaps best of all, they can be yours for under $250.

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