Ricardo Mondragon World Cup Posters

Despite England’s less than auspicious start to this year’s World Cup, we here at Coolector HQ haven’t sworn off the tournament completely and still find ourselves mightily excited at the events unfolding in Brazil and, for this reason, we’re still scouring the internet for World Cup related awesomeness and this search his led us to the doorstep of a talented Mexican designer by the name of Ricardo Mondragon and his excellent series of typography inspired World Cup Posters.

Football and typography, though decidedly contrasting, our two principal passions of ours here at The Coolector and this excellent series of posters from Mondragon are definitely right up our football loving street. To be perfectly honest, our excitement regarding the World Cup was already at fever pitch (England’s tepid performance notwithstanding) but fantastic pieces of artwork like this serve as relish to our enjoyment of the tournament and the bold, eye-catching style of these World Cup Posters really does make them stand out from the crowd.

Whether your team has got off to a winning start or being trounced (sorry, Spain) it will likely affect your current mindset regarding the World Cup but, safe to say, awesome pieces of artwork like this will help soften the blow of defeat or make the taste of victory that little bit sweeter.

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