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Styling products and men’s grooming goods are far from our forte here at Coolector HQ. We don’t know why one would be better than another or have the slightest inkling about the ingredients found in shaving balms and moustache waxes but we know what we like. And we like Fellow Barber.

Fellow Barber was founded by the wonderfully monikered Sam Buffa who was born in King’s Mountain, California, and has a background in motorcycle racing but it is his passion for men’s grooming products that has truly come to the fore in his awesome looking barbershops in Manhattan, San Francisco and Brooklyn.

From their stores, Fellow Barber have crafted some genuinely excellent looking men’s grooming products including your standard fare such as shampoos, pomades and shaving creams but also some less regular items like cannabis handwash and mojito soap sets. Check out some of their cracking wares below:

aftershave pomade fbshampoo_1

If you want your shaving and haircare goods to be brilliantly branded and made in the right way then you’ll likely find exactly what you’re looking for from Fellow Barber. This California conceived and New York based barbers is home to some really excellent grooming products and we’re firm fans of their understated style here at Coolector HQ and fully intent to be slapping on some of their aftershave or shaving foam before the summer is out.

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