RIPNDIP Lord Nermal T-Shirt

If, like us here at Coolector HQ, you spend vast amounts of your day camped on Reddit that, chances are you may have already encountered the RIPNDIP Lord Nelson T-shirt which recently took the site by storm but it’s too good for us to ignore given our love of the bonkers natures of cats and the awesome design feature of this cracking piece of apparel.

RIPNDIP are a Los Angeles based apparel brand founded back in 2009 by Ryan O’Connor and whilst they boast plenty of awesomeness amongst their choice of tees and other apparel, it is unquestionably their Lord Nermal T-shirt that has left us desperate for ownership.

If you own a cat, chances are you’ll know they can be aloof and offensive creatures who are a constant source of entertainment to their owners and this top notch Lord Nermal T-shirt from RIPNDIP reflects this admirably in a comical way. Check out how below:



Nermal_PocketTee_WHT_1_1_1024x1024 lord-nermal-flicking-you-off-whiteweb_1024x1024.jpg-v=1425277258

As you’d probably expect from something that gained traction on Reddit, the Lord Nermal T-shirt is currently sold out but is due to be back in stock again soon so if you’ve liked what you’ve seen from this no-nonsense cat then you better keep your eye on the RIPNDIP website because chances are they will sell out pretty quickly again.

Price: $30+


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