RoadHaus Wedge

If you can get the sound of Peter Griffin saying “Roadhouse…” out of your head long enough to appreciate just how amazing this RoadHaus Wedge from WheelHaus is then you’ll be in for a treat and might just have found your next fortress of solitude which, better still, you can take on the road with you for some mobile fortress of solituding.

The RoadHaus Wedge is a smaller, more refined, version of an original model which cuts back on the space but delivers a much more mobile and road-friendly solution that will be perfect for hitting the open road and experience adventure in some considerable style. This mesmerising piece of design is available in 160 and 240 square foot models to suit your differing space requirements but regardless of which you choose, the quality of finish really is second to none.

A Road To Remember

Whilst it might be used for road tripping, the RoadHaus Wedge is a most versatile structure indeed and is just as suitable for use as a tiny living structure, a guesthouse for when friends and family come to stay, backyard office or a combination of all three. Or, of course, the aforementioned Fortress of Solitude. This stunning piece of architectural design can be simply transported to a site and then moved again should you so desire. The outdoor decking area enhances the overall inside/outside living space whilst being protected from sun and inclement weather, making this a real year-rounder.

The RoadHaus Wedge is a small but perfectly formed space that will deliver a comfortable and versatile place to reside for whatever the reason and the expertly conceived design ensures that what space is available within has been fully capitalised upon. Measuring 38ft in length (or 47ft with the decking included), the RoadHaus Wedge is a striking and functional space which has all  utility hookups included underneath each unit and these are ready to be connected to the mains once on site so it won’t take long to get your Wedge up and running.

Great to look at and a supremely versatile space, the RoadHaus Wedge has left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ and for anyone looking for a road tripping adventure machine, a backyard office or anything in between, this is certainly going to be ticking all of the right boxes. Cleverly designed and executed, everything has been thought of beforehand in order to make these great spaces as welcoming and comfortable as they can be.

Attention To Detail In Design

There are all sorts of clever little design features which are a welcome addition to the finished product of this RoadHaus Wedge and the one bed, one bath space is a great solution to many different living requirements. With an almost entirely glass frontage, it lends itself to being located someone picturesque to really take in the views and windows are placed to optimise the light on all sides of the structure.

For anyone after an eye-catching extra space for their home or a superb little office away from the hustle and bustle of the main house, the RoadHaus Wedge has got everything you need and more. Whilst they might not be cheap (around $70k for the base model), they’ll be worth the investment for the sheer versatility that they offer with their usage. Great design and craftsmanship combine to make this such an exemplary product.

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