Shinola Lake Erie Monster Watch

When it comes to watches, there aren’t many brands that do special editions better than Detroit based watchmakers, Shinola, and so it has proven once again with their superb looking Lake Erie Monster Watch which boasts a plethora of stand out features and is limited to just 500 pieces which undoubtedly won’t hang around for long so, if you like what you see with this watch, you’ll need to move fast.

The Shinola Lake Erie Monster Watch is inspired upon a tale that in 1894, sailors in Lake Erie sighted a terrifying looking creature. It was said to be in excess of 40 feet long and coiled, swimming at the crest of a swell in the water. It was henceforth known as the Lake Erie Monster. Some believe that it is still be out there among the thousands of shipwrecks on the floor of Lake Erie to this day and it is this belief that was the catalyst for the creation of the Lake Erie Monster Watch from Shinola.

A Lake Of Mystery

Lake Erie is one of America’s most talked about bodies of water and this purported monster may well be one of the chief reasons for this. The Lake Erie Monster Watch from Shinola celebrates two exciting milestones for the brand as watchmakers – namely, the fact that it is their first foray into the dive watch market and the first Shinola watch with an automatic movement. As mentioned, this limited edition offering has just 500 being made and this exclusive nature is sure to make it appeal still further to fans of the Shinola brand.

The Shinola Lake Erie Monster Watch has a caseback which boasts the watchmaker’s portrayal of the Monster, and includes a blue sapphire eye for that extra visual impact. Each caseback has a laser-etched individual serial number and is carefully sealed to withstand pressure up to 1,000 feet underwater which makes it the ideal timepiece for those with a love of diving and heading below the waves.

Each watch comes in a brand new design metal box which takes its design inspiration from ammunition cans, and the Erie Monster Watch comes replete with three alternative straps – a stainless steel three-link bracelet, a black rubber dive strap, and a black fabric strap – which are all readily interchangeable with the provided tools when you feel like changing up the aesthetic of this first class limited edition timepiece from Shinola.

Great Extras 

As though it wasn’t enough that this limited edition watch from Shinola comes with three different straps, it also offers some other super cool extras as well that we’d be remiss not to mention. Each box comes with a Princeton Tec Diver’s Flashlight which is small enough to carry anywhere, but packs a 650 lumen LED, which means it’s bright enough to use as a primary source. It is made primarily for underwater use so divers will be able to capitalise upon this first class extra from Shinola.

Last but not least, the Shinola Lake Erie Monster Watch also comes with a diving map of the lake which adds a touch of class to proceedings and really ramps up the backstory of the timepiece. The watch is covered by a lifetime guarantee and the fact that it boasts the Argomatic R-150, Shinola’s first automatic movement, makes it a must purchase for lovers of American folklore and automatic watches.

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