Robby Leonardi CV

It’s a tough market out there for people looking for jobs and this is especially true in the world of digital design and development and, in order to really make yourself stand out, you have to put on your “outside the box” cap and get to work. And that, sir, is exactly what a talented chap called Robby Leonardi did when he designed a devilishly engaging and painfully clever interactive CV that looks a little akin to a Mario game and stars Leonardi himself as the main character.

Talented animator and designer, Leonardi, has definitely got a better chance than most when this top notch CV arrives in the inbox of potential recruiters as, truth be told, which are you more like to remember? The dull, Word document or the awesome interactive CV a la Super Mario? In the eyes of The Coolector, it’s a bit of a no-brainer and, of course, the CV does an admirable job of showcasing that he is actually highly proficient at the profession he is in as opposed to most people who will typically, shall we say “embellish” their CVs with half truths and, in many cases, outright lies.


Check out the interactive version of Robby’s CV for yourself – HERE.

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