Star Wars Roll Call

It goes without saying that the Star Wars galaxy has a fair few inhabitants and it can be a little tricky to keep up with them all – particularly as George Lucas seems intent on churning out more and more movies about Skywalker et al. For the forgetful, like us here at The Coolector, we need a little crib sheet to help us get to grips with the inhabitants of Tatooine and the Death Star and we’ve found exactly that with this excellent little limited edition Star Wars Print simply entitled Episode IV-VI which offers a visual prompt to who and what is inhabiting the Star Wars universe.

It is the work of illustrator, Max Dalton, who has painstakingly recreated the characters for which Star Wars is famous (and a few of the Z-listers, it has to be said) and committed them to print in this excellent looking piece of artwork which, to be honest, is likely to feature highly on the list of any Star Wars aficionado’s must have items. It is illustrated in a cartoony way and Dalton himself is the first to admit that it is a work of parody and should be viewed as fan art and not some official electoral roll for the Star Wars galaxy (as we all know Star Wars fans take things too far at times). It is a superbly designed piece and one we’d be happy to have adorning our walls at Coolector HQ – check out the full version below:

star wars full

Get your hands on it over HERE.

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