Robomodix Alan Robot

It’s not like we’re preoccupied with creating our own robot here at Coolector HQ but to say that we never think about it wouldn’t be true either so we definitely sat up and took notice when we stumbled across the Alan Robot from Robomodix which is billed as first affordable modular animatronic robot kit and it’s got us mightily impressed here at The Coolector.

Designed and created by Hollywood visual effects artist, Will Huff, the Robomodix Alan Robot is a 1:1 scale robot head with shoulders and measures 16 inches in total with five axes of motion. The end result is a highly realistic robotic head that is future proof and easy to upgrade as and when new technologies emerge and it’s hard not to be wowed with the capabilities of this superb looking construct. Check out a video and a few more shots of the Robomodix Alan Robot below:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″][/youtube]





With the product still in a prototyping phase, it may be a little while before we have one of these great looking feats of engineering and robotics sitting in our workspaces but we can’t wait to see just how realistic and undoubtedly awesome the finished product will be.

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