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Photography is by no means a forte of ours here at Coolector HQ but it is an area in which we are thoroughly intent on improving but as any workman is only as good as his tools, we think it might be high time to invest in a new piece of camera awesomeness and, truth be told, few have left us quite as agog as the rather extraordinary looking Lytro Illum Camera.

What makes the Lytro Illum the new apple of our eye? Well, sir, permit us to explain. This incredible piece of technology has the capability to revolutionise the way in which people take photos from now on as it is the world’s first high-end consumer camera which is able to capture the entire light field. What this means for you and I, in relation to our poor photography taking skills, is that it makes it possible to explore the photos you take from different angles, dimensions, focal points and perspectives after you’ve taken the photo.

In addition to this (already phenomenal) ability, the Lytro Illum Camera also has plenty of other features that will make it a must-have purchase for any keen photographer. Just a few of the more stand out characteristics of this wonderfully advanced camera include a 8x optical zoom, 4″ touchscreen display for editing pictures on the fly and a veritable multitude of desktop tools to really get creative with the pictures that you take. Check out a few more shots of this fantastical device below:


lytro birdseye

As always, however, our words can’t do as good a job of showcasing the awesomeness of the Lytro Illum as a short video which superbly illustrates just what this impressive beast is capable of can, so feast your eyes on the video below and prepare to want one of these first rate cameras real bad:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″][/youtube]

As you can see, the options with the Lytro Illum are nigh-on limitless and we here at Coolector HQ have been left astounded by its impressive features to say the least. As you might expect, it doesn’t come cheap but if you’re the sort who has the requirement for a top of the range piece of camera kit, we’re willing to wage you’ll find few better than the Lytro Illum.

Price: $1500

Available: Lytro (Pre-Order)

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