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Stealth isn’t really a forte of ours here at Coolector HQ given our proclivity for craft ales which makes us quite blundersome in our actions but were we the surreptitious sort then I dare say that we would have one of these rather fantastic looking Ronin Watches strapped to our wrist. If you wondering why I’m banging on about stealth in relation to this timepiece, a Ronin is a type of samurai from feudal Japan and those ninjas were nothing if not stealthy.

We love watches here at Coolector HQ and these Ronin timepieces had hitherto flown under our radar which you would perhaps expect given their samurai heritage but now we’ve discovered them, you can rest assured that will be keeping a firm eye on their creations from here on out. Ronin are, in fact, a group of self-confessed watch nerds from Singapore who aim to produce stylish and affordable timepieces built with honour and which forgo the mark-ups that are commonplace within the horological industry.

Ronin make the watches that they themselves would want to wear and craft each series in small batches to keep costs down in order to pass these savings onto their consumers and we here at Coolector HQ have been left thoroughly impressed with their first foray into the world of timepieces, the Ronin Rotomatic, which you can see both above and below:

ronin watch close up

ronin watch rear

ronin watch lifestyle

The Ronin Rotomatic timepiece has some mightily impressive features that will make it appeal to the majority of watch lovers out there, us included. This highly distinctive watch boasts all manner of specifications to pore over including a Japanese made, non-hacking, 21 Jewel Miyota automatic movement with a 48 hour power reserve, an eye-catching caseback that is signed with their ‘浪’ logo and a luxurious leather NATO strap.

We seldom stop looking for new timepieces to enjoy here at The Coolector and it’s refreshing to see a brand heralding from Singapore (as opposed to Switzerland) who are making watches for the love of it and to their own particular design and style tastes. They’ve made fans of us at Coolector HQ, that’s for sure.

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