We’re not the most practical bunch here at The Coolector and surviving in the wilderness is something that is likely completely beyond us. That doesn’t mean to say that we can’t celebrate the gear that you require to tackle the wilderness and when it combines with some striking and minimalist artwork, then we’re really onto a winner. That’s exactly what we have on our hands with these exceptional prints from ROO KEE ROO in their Workbench Collection.

This excellent prints stem from the studios of a pair of Michigan born artists and this Workbench Series celebrates the beauty of quality and purpose and it really hits the mark spiffingly well. The pair behind the prints grew up in Michigan where doing things with their hands was a way of life – be it chopping wood or camping out – and this Workbench Collection celebrates the tools of their lifetime trade. Brilliantly minimalist and superbly striking because of it, we’re definitely fans of these fellas work and will be keeping our eye on all of their future offerings.

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