Skateboard Plane Model Kit

skateboard plane

Model planes aren’t exactly a hobby of ours, we’re not hobbyists, but we, like the next man, feel that we can spot when something is patently cool. And that, sir, is exactly what we have with this awesome looking Skateboard Plane Model Kit by Russian art designer and director, Roman Sviridov.

An ingenious design that means that no glue is required and it is constructed entirely through interlocking pieces to create a mightily striking bi-plane. Here at Coolector HQ, we’re always on the lookout for spiffing wares to fill our desks and shelves with and I think we’ve found a prime candidate with this Skateboard Plane Model Kit and, if you’re wondering about the “Skateboard” moniker, you may or may not have noticed the wings are the shape of skateboards and the wheels are familiar to skateboarding fans as well. Check out a few images of this devilishly stylish bit of kit below:

close up planebottom skateboardplane


You can check out the rest of Roman’s awesome work – HERE.

Via: NotCot.

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