The Rossling & Co. Regatta Chronograph Watch Collection

Dripping with traditional, old school cool, these Regatta Chronograph Watches from Rossling & Co. have an overwhelming attention to detail from a design point of view and boast impeccable craftsmanship which you typically see in watches with a much loftier price tag. If you’re after an incredibly well made watch with sumptuous style and a touch of nautical class but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it, this is unquestionably the collection of timepieces for you.

The Rossling & Co. Regatta Chronograph Watch Collection has a design inspiration gleamed from the nautical world of yachts and sailboats so if these are the circles you move in, you’ll appreciate the clean lines and aesthetics of these watches. They have been designed with the staunch belief that style should never get in the way of function and, rather, it should naturally derive from it and that’s something which shines through with the eye-catching visuals of this mighty impressive ten watch line up from Rossling & Co.

With materials of a superior quality used throughout the construction of these stunning timepieces from Rossling & Co. and a remarkable attention to detail, it is easy to see why the watchmakers are billing their watches as heirloom pieces because, such is their quality, you’ll be sure to want to pass them from generation to generation.

A Cut Above

The best materials are all you’ll find with the Regatta Chronograph Watch Collection from Rossling & Co. and they use buttery soft Italian calf leather for both the outside and the lining of the strap. This is great because after you’ve worn it for a couple of weeks, the strap will begin to adapt to the shape of your wrist for a much more stylish and comfortable custom fit.

Rossling & Co. are masters of producing affordable, well made and supremely stylish watches and their latest collection funding on Kickstarter right now is certainly no exception – in fact, it may just be their best to date. For any man with a love of life on the open water and looking for a luxurious, fantastically handcrafted watch made from the finest materials, you need look no further because that’s exactly what you’ve got on your hands here. Two thumbs up from us here at Coolector HQ.

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