Round Edge House

Architecture is something that is so incredibly diverse and subjective and it’s great to see so many different styles and designs in the world of contemporary architecture. One of the most unusual and striking we’ve seen of late here at Coolector HQ is the superb looking Round Edge House from Anderman Architects. Located in Ramat Hasharon in Israel, this residential property has around 300m² of living space and a wonderfully modern exterior which is both understated but somehow impossible to take your eyes off.

The Round Edge House from Anderman Architects is certainly in the contemporary bracket of architecture and is minimalistic in the extreme – something we definitely appreciate at The Coolector. This extraordinary piece of design is positioned on the edge of a residential neighbourhood and is definitely the stand out home in the area from an aesthetic point of view. Designed to be as open as possible and bring the outdoors inside, there is a really relaxing vibe to the interiors of the Round Edge House which will make it an immeasurably relaxing place to spend time.

Eye Catching Detail

Needless to say, the stand out design detail of the Round Edge House is the so-called Power Wall on the exterior of the property which is a laced concrete façade that filters the city apposed the open view. The architects wanted the punctured wall to work as a double function curtain. It does this by letting in some of the neighbourhood’s essence and diffuses the landscape back into the street behind it.

Cleverly thought out, the use of space in the Round Edge House in Israel makes this piece of architecture all the more impressive and functional for those living there. The concrete cylinders that were drilled out of the wall are scattered along the garden, used as floor paving. The perforated wall transfers natural light into the house during daytime and by night transfers artificial light outside, illuminating the street with its special glow.

Clean lines and sleek design are the call of the day both inside and outside the Round Edge House and the uncluttered look and feel of this property really make it an attractive proposition. It is clear that Anderman Architects have a real attention to the little design details when concocting blueprints and we’re loving the innovative use of materials throughout this wonderfully understated home here at Coolector HQ.

All White on the Night

White is clearly the overriding colour scheme for the Round Edge House and it gives the whole property a minimalistic vibe that is both relaxing and feels more spacious as a result. Muted tones are found throughout the interiors of the property and there is nothing ostentatious at all about the choice of fixtures, fitting and furniture in this magnificent piece of design from Anderman Architecture.

Anderman have really showcased their considerable design talents with the Round Edge House in Israel and its highly unconventional exterior immediately draws the eye but behind that facade lies a deeply relaxing and welcoming space to spend time.

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