Row House

Whilst we’re not saying we’d design our house completely around making a cat happy, it’s certainly something we’d consider here at Coolector HQ and, if we were to do so, we’d certainly be tapping up BFDO Architects as they’ve done a superb job of making a cat friendly dwelling with the superb looking Row House in Brooklyn. Almost Wes Anderson-esque in tone, this fantastically stylish property is certainly right up our cat loving street.

The Row House from BFDO Architects is located in Brooklyn’s Windsor Terrace neighborhood and is home to two book and cat lovers who wanted a property that really worked for them stylistically and functionally. The end result is the brilliantly quirky Row House you see before you and they wanted a home that incorporated cool ways of bringing colour and light into the property, while also giving resident their own place to work.

Cat Friendly Living

With the homeowner’s cats being quite shy in nature, they tasked the designers at BFDO Architects to come up with a property that offered them plenty of spaces to hide if they wanted but also wanted the opportunity to showcase their expansive book collection. This has been achieved admirably in both departments and the vibrant aesthetics on show throughout the Row House really do capture the imagination and give their feline friends hiding spots aplenty.


The Row House in Brooklyn has a main living area which is quite open plan and spans 20 x 50 feet with 10 foot tall ceilings so feels decidedly spacious. The built-in bookcase is the real feature piece of the property and goes from the front to the back of the house with an uneven ledge on top which the cats can use as a walkway and an elevated position to escape to if they’re feeling aloof and not wanting to deal with any humans in the house.

Everywhere you look in the Row House, there are great little design nuances which have been implemented to placate the cat residents of the home. This includes the installation of trap doors at either end of the book shelving units that allow the cats access to the floor above. Another stand out quirk of the property is how, within the bookcase, there is a built-in piece of art by the owner that’s a mini scene of a living room hidden behind a door.

Work & Relaxation

Work and relaxation goes hand in hand with the BFDO Architects designed Row House in Brooklyn and the upstairs of the property has a work studio with a “nest” in one corner that’s lit from a skylight above and delivers a quiet and serene place in which to write.

Brilliantly designed to keep both the human and feline residents happy, the Row House is one of the coolest looking interiors we’ve seen in some time and there is certainly Wes Anderson vibes to a lot of the interior design endeavours. A great piece of architectural design, made all the better by taking the cats into account.

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