67 Inc Movies As Book Cover Prints

Stylised artwork is very much in our wheelhouse here at Coolector HQ and we forever find ourselves in search of cool pieces for our walls and workspaces and this has led us to the door of these brilliant looking Movies As Book Covers Prints from UK based design studio, 67 Inc. If you’re a fan of classic looking artwork with a literary edge, then these first class prints will be calling out to you as much as they are to us at The Coolector.

These 67 Inc Movie As Book Cover Prints feature quotes and designs from the likes of Robocop, Pulp Fiction and Blade Runner and each one is designed to look like a retro book cover to deliver a super cool aesthetic and a great piece of artwork for any movie or book fiction aficionado. These excellent prints are exactly the sort of artwork that we always gravitate towards at The Coolector and love the cleverly designed pieces that boast an impressive attention to detail.

Film as Fiction 

The team at 67 Inc come from a design and illustration background and they have an interest in collecting and this is something that is reflected in the first few prints that they produced and they’ve gone from strength to strength ever since. Trading cards, vinyl, film, badges and toys are just some of of their principle passions, and they have done  have combined these to offer something a little out of the ordinary that their customers certainly appreciate.

The 67 Inc Movie as Book Cover Prints have an eye-catching visual impact that will immediately draw the eye and we think you’ll probably want to get your hands on a few of these prints in order to really give your wall a superb vintage feel. You can purchase a combination print that features all the movies in miniaturised form or opt for individual ones so you can go for your favourite movies – so if you love the likes of Star Wars, The Shining and Lord of the Rings then you’re in look because they all feature within the collection.

Film lovers are going to appreciate the look of these cracking prints from 67 Inc and they have done a magnificent job of capturing the essence of vintage book covers. We really can see these sitting on a book shelf and if you love the visuals you’ll want to hang plenty of these prints on your walls and surrounding your workspace to give you a bit of inspiration  and serve as a creative catalyst.

Literary Design

With so many different designs to choose from and prices starting at just £25 for these prints, you can get your hands on a few of these without breaking the bank. Great to look at and really engaging stylistically, these wonderful Movie As Book Cover Prints from 67 Inc are a first class addition to any interior design endeavour.

67 Inc are a workshop we first encountered a number of years ago now and we’re delighted to have rediscovered them of late because these excellent movie inspired prints need to be hanging on the walls of Coolector HQ sooner rather than later and we’ve certainly got our eyes on the Pulp Fiction, Inception and Apocalypse Now ones.

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