Ruark Audio R1 Deluxe BlueTooth Radio

We can all do with music in our lives and finding the perfect audio equipment for your home or workspace isn’t always easy but we’ve found a prime candidate in the shape of the superb looking Ruark Audio R1 Deluxe BlueTooth Radio. This cracking bit of audio apparatus is wonderfully understated and radio has never sounded so good as it does on the R1 from Ruark Audio.

With a great price tag of just £219.99, the Ruark Audio R1 Deluxe BlueTooth Radio is ideal for the kitchen, perfectly suited to your home office and simply delightful to wake up to in the bedroom and with a quality Bluetooth receiver which is built in so you can wirelessly stream your favourite playlists to R1 from your phone or computer. Most importantly, if you love listening to the radio then Ruark are confident that you’ll find R1 a revelation because there simply isn’t a better DAB on the market right now.

First Class Functionality

Programme, time and alarm information are shown with vivid clarity on the latest technology OLED display on the R1 Deluxe Bluetooth Radio from Ruark Audio. It is minimalist and stylish aesthetically speaking, and the displays of Ruark Audio retain their readability at any viewing angle and the brightness can be adjusted to suit your needs, both when active and also in standby.

Ruark Audio wanted to design an easy to use control system with this excellent bit of kit. The result is their trademark RotoDial controller. With the introduction of R1 Mk3 Ruark have made their RotoDial controller even more straightforward to use and now whether you own R1, R2, R4 or even R7 you will intuitively know how to use each due to the similarity of their operation.

Connectivity is key with audio apparatus like this and the R1 Bluetooth Radio from Ruark certainly doesn’t disappoint. It has voice control and streaming devices from the likes of Amazon and Google are fascinating technologies, but deciding which may be right for you and which will stand the test of time can be a touch overwhelming. This is a key reason why all Ruark Audio products feature Bluetooth and auxiliary inputs, so devices such as these can easily be connected and enjoyed with whichever platforms you favour.

Sounds Good

The R1 Bluetooth Radio is regarded as one of the best sounding radios out there right now, but that’s because Ruark understand the importance of enclosure and drive unit design to deliver impeccable sound quality. In every way R1 has been developed like a mini high fidelity speaker, made from materials that deliver the finest acoustic performance and their custom full range loudspeaker unit is designed for life-like dynamics and a smooth natural frequency response.

Available for the great price of £219.99, the R1 Bluetooth Radio from Ruark Audio will make a great gift for any audiophile this Christmas. Each one is made from first class materials which Ruark know from their years spent designing High-Fidelity loudspeakers, provide the best sound, but aesthetically the combination of natural hand finished wood and precise cool man-made materials have the added benefit of making their excellent wares feel as good to touch as they are to see and hear.

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