Ruckbug Outdoor Backpack

A backpack that is made for adventure needs to excel in certain areas – namely, durability and functionality – but, in most cases, aesthetic appeal will be a secondary concern. Not so with the excellent looking Ruckbug Outdoor Backpack which, as the name suggests, has been designed with adventure in mind but doesn’t do so at the expense of the visuals and delivers a versatile and stylish solution for all your outdoor adventuring needs.

The work of industrial designer with a love for the wilderness, Anton Bob Kraus, the Ruckbug Outdoor Backpack is one of the cleverest and most considered designs we’ve seen in some time so far as rucksacks are concerned and it is positively overflowing with neat little design flourishes that add to both its aesthetic appeal and its functionality.

Adventure Inspired

Whenever setting off along a woodland trail, mountainous terrain or countryside trek, it is always a good idea to have supplies on hand for the journey and, as such, you’ll need a reliable bag in tow to port them around. For the adventure inclined, the Ruckbug Outdoor Backpack looks to be the ideal solution and whilst it isn’t yet commercially available, there are certainly plans afoot to remedy this and it looks set for a 2017 release.


The Ruckbug Outdoor Backpack boasts a durable and visually impressive exoskeleton that takes its design inspiration from the structure of kayaks which are notoriously resilient in their own right and this level of durability pervades this superb looking backpacks. The unusual, yet attractive, external wooden frame witnessed on the Ruckbug is there to keep whatever you’re storing on the inside safe and sound and provides that extra level of robustness to your carry.


With a removable lid, crafted from water repellent materials, the Ruckbug Outdoor Backpack delivers first rate performance couple with an impressive level of storage space. Boasting a variety of internal and external storage options for carrying all of your adventure supplies like axes, lanterns and other camping essentials, the Ruckbug stands out from the crowd visually but also offers functionality that is beyond compare.

A Bag for All Seasons

Truly designed to be as robust and hardwearing as they come, the Ruckbug Outdoor Backpack is certainly going to be appealing to those who live an action packed lifestyle and need a carry that can keep up with this. The versatility that it offers is second to none and with a removable inner storage compartment, which makes it easier to haul about larger items, it really does deliver an unparalleled level of functionality that its hard not to be impressed by.


When this product hits the shelves, we’re in little doubt here at Coolector HQ that there will be plenty of wilderness adventure lovers looking to snap it up. Supremely well designed and crafted, the Ruckbug Outdoor Backpack hits all the right notes from an adventure perspective and we’re loving its adaptability and robust finish here at The Coolector.

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