1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia

If you were to ask us what our dream car is here at Coolector HQ, it is distinctly unlikely that we would have answered “Alfa Romeo” but, truth be told, that’s before we came across this stunning contraption, the 1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia, that is currently being auctioned off at Auctionata.


This is no ordinary Alfa Romeo, of course (we’re pretty sure if it were, it wouldn’t be our dream car), it is from an Italian collection and is one of the brand’s magnificent looking racing cars which, as you can see, has got a rather awesome paint job that sets it apart from the crowd somewhat. A glorious looking machine that any man would doubtlessly love to see take pride of place in their garage.

Classic Colossus

A replica of the original racing car, this phenomenally crafted machine has an unparalleled aesthetic appeal that looks like something out of a Mad Max movie and delivers a punch under the hood as well. The owner selling the machine also owns the original race car and had this replica made in order to maintain the condition of the original race car and we’re mighty glad he did because it means some lucky individual will be able to get their hands on this incredible looking steed.




Alfa Romeo are well known on the vintage race circuit and if you pulled up to the starting line in this superbly customised offering, the other drivers might as well go home because they just won’t be able to compete – in the aesthetics department at least. This 1971 Giulia from Alfa Romeo  has got a FIA car pass which means that it’s suitable in: HILL-CLIMB Racing / Category: Special Touring Car, Period: I – 1977-1981, FIA Class: Gr 5. Yep, that doesn’t mean much to us either but basically means this Alfa Romeo is suitable for the use in vintage car rallies.


It’s not every day that you come across a vintage car as well maintained and visually impeccable as this 1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia and any man would be delighted to get their hands on such an iconic piece of racing history. We’re loving its aesthetics at Coolector HQ and petrol heads are sure to be equally impressed with its specifications under the hood.

Powerful Beast

This stunning machine that is being auctioned off will impress on every level and though it has, lamentably, already found a buyer by the looks of things, we’re sure that you can join us in revelling in its unparalleled aesthetic appeal here at Coolector HQ. It has only done a mere 36,000 miles so it’s been well looked after and you’ll simply not find a cooler car than this out there right now.



We’re far from car enthusiasts at The Coolector but when we come across stunning designs and customisations like this Alfa Romeo 1971 Giulia, even we sit up and take notice and some lucky man can now call this fantastic looking vehicle theirs after snapping it up at the auction.

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