Ruckus Coast Cycles

Finding a suitable steed on which to pootle about on is a pretty much constant objective of ours here at Coolector HQ and we’re forever on the hunt for cool looking contraptions and we’ve very much just found one in the form of this spiffing looking Ruckus Coast¬†Cycles.

Ruckus are a Singapore based workshop and their superb looking machines are definitely going to be the ideal solution for anyone looking for the perfect commuter mode of transportation around towns and cities.

Their excellent looking Ruckus Coast Cycles are billed as being the bicycle for everybody and it means this quite literally insomuch as there is space to carry a passenger on this fantastic steed and it offers a rugged visual appeal that we’re big fans of here at The Coolector. Essentially, the Ruckus is a tandem bike without the bulkiness and lack of street credibility – which is a win/win in our eyes. Take a look at a few more shots below:









If you’re the sociable sort and want a bike that lets you get from A to B with a buddy in tow then the Ruckus from Coast Cycles is definitely going to be the right choice for you. Robust, industrial in design and understatedly cool, it is unquestionably the sort of steed that we’d favour here at Coolector HQ and we dare say there will be plenty of others out there similarly inclined.

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