RUE First Edition Watches

Watches are something that are pretty subjective from a stylistic point of view but, if you’re a fan of minimalist design and understated aesthetics, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better timepiece for your wrist this summer than these superb looking RUE First Edition Watches. Limited to just 95 pieces, these Swiss made watches have a wallet friendly price tag of £149 (which includes free worldwide delivery), so there’s an awful lot to appreciate with these classy looking watches from RUE.

Sleek, elegant and made in Switzerland with a British design, there’s plenty of reasons why these RUE First Edition Watches should be a leading candidate to be your next timepiece of choice. They are available in a couple of different colourways to match your own personal style preferences and it is set in a high grade polished stainless-steel case, which is complimented by the double-domed sapphire crystal glass, that shows off the minimalist dial and reflects light for a bright, clean finish.

Interesting Backstory

Christian Rue, who is the man behind RUE Watches, looked back in time for his design inspiration with these classy timepieces. His French ancestors carried the Rue name with them to Britain and took pride in its meaning. In French, Rue is the word for street, but it symbolises so much more; from the starting point to the final destination, it’s all about the journey and that’s something reflected in the design aesthetic of these top notch timepieces.

Every one of these RUE First Edition Watches (£149) is designed in Britain, starting as an idea that is conceptualised in their workshop. After this, RUE then work with their Swiss manufacturing partners, to turn design concepts into reality for the eye-catching but effortlessly cool timepiece you see before you.

Made using only the best materials and expert craftsmanship, which includes 316L stainless steel, sapphire crystal glass, and Swiss movements; which are carefully put together by Swiss artisans for an impeccable finish. One of the most distinctive design feature of this accessory, and something that will feature on all RUE watches, is their iconic traffic red dot on the end of the second hand. This reminds Rue wearers of the importance to stop, rest, and recharge along the way.

Superb Value for Money

The fact you can get this watch on your wrist for under £150 is nothing short of miraculous given the fact it has some many high quality components and Swiss made quality. Some of the stand out features of this devilishly dapper timepiece include gold plated Swiss made ETA F05.111 movement, midnight black hour/minute hands with luminous inserts, second hand with signature red dot and a fine black leather, 316L stainless steel buckle and magnetic Milanese Strap both with quick release functionality.

Other great elements to be found with this RUE First Edition Watch include a 5ATM water resistance which will be suitable for any underwater adventures you can think of and the fact that each one comes with a certificate marking the number watch it is out of the limited 95. After a minimalistic timepiece for your wrist this summer, look no further.

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