Rustek Wooden Trucker Caps

Of all the headwear choices there are out there, trucker caps are somewhat of a go-to for us here at Coolector HQ and we’re forever on the hunt for new styles to try. Well, one brand by the name of Rustek have well and truly pushed the boat out with their Wooden Trucker Caps which boast a cork crown and wood inlay patches, with each one being hand made and sewn in Portland, OR, to ensure the high quality of the finished product.

Rustek believe that the foundation of quality craftsmanship comes from the materials used and this is something which is abundantly evident with the brilliant looking Rustek Wooden Trucker Caps, which are a steal at just $40. They start by hand selecting the highest quality and most beautiful natural materials, with a focus on timeless ones like sustainably sourced wood which have been time tested by craftspeople for hundreds of years. By putting the emphasis on quality over quantity, the products from Rustek really are a cut above the competition.

Where There’s Wood, There’s a Way

Needless to say not many brands would entertain the notion of making trucker caps from cork and wood but Rustek are a workshop that dare to be different and that’s definitely something that we applaud here at Coolector HQ. With a number of different designs to choose from (with more in the offing, we’re sure), our particular favourite is the awesome looking Great Outdoors Inlay Truckers Cap which has the sort of Into The Wild vibe we gravitate towards.

The Rustek Wooden Trucker Caps ($40) are precision handcrafted and naturally unique to you with no two ever being quite the same due to the variations in the wood grain and their handcrafted nature. Each one is custom designed and hand made using nothing but the best quality, hand selected natural materials which combine to make this unlike any other hat ever made. Quite literally. Nobody’s ever made anything like it, but lucky enough for us, Rustek were bonkers enough to give it a go — the result is these show stopping trucker caps, so we’re mighty glad they did.

Ideally suited to lovers of adventures and heading out into the great outdoors, these Rustek Wooden Trucker Caps will be one of the most unique style statements in your fall wardrobe and for those with a love of quirky design and accessories, you’ll be in your element with these. Rustek’s wood patches are crafted from walnut and maple wood veneer and a flexible bamboo backing, fully sealed against liquids, oils and stains. Each one is hand sewn to the cork crown, making these the most unique patches ever made for a truckers cap.

Inspired By Nature

Rustek take a lot of their design inspiration from the stunning Oregon wilderness that surrounds them and they put this spirit for adventure into all their products. Pleasingly, Rustek are also an environmentally conscious brand and as part of their commitment to nature and the great outdoors, they use only FSC certified sustainably sourced wood and responsibly sourced textiles. The materials in their products are sourced from cruelty and chemical free sources and the quality on offer is first class.

With a price tag of just $40, there’s plenty to appreciate with these fantastic looking, adventure ready Wooden Trucker Caps from Rustek. You probably didn’t realise you wanted a wooden cap in your life until you saw these superb creations from Rustek and with five designs to choose from and more hopefully in the works, we’ll definitely be looking to treat our heads to one of these this fall here at Coolector HQ.

Leo Davie