S-T-O-A Modern Arcade Cabinets

Arcade machines formed a large part of our youth here at Coolector HQ and every chance we’d get, we’d be playing on the 80s classics so it is lamentable that there no longer seems to be such a place for this type of device in the life of today’s youth given the emergence (and admitted excellence) of next generation consoles. For nostalgics like us, however, we can treat ourselves to this incredible selection of S-T-O-A Modern Arcade Cabinets which are not only impeccably well crafted but also boast an exceptional line up of retro videogames.

These S-T-O-A Modern Arcade Cabinets are UK crafted and boast the sort of retro aesthetic, coupled with an understated finish, that will make them perfectly suited to deployment in any contemporary home or office and for those of you that share our love of retro arcade games, we dare say that you’re also currently falling over yourselves trying to order one of these visually superior contraptions.

Limited Edition Excellence

There is an exclusive air to the S-T-O-A Modern Arcade Cabinets that merely serves to add to their appeal still further and each one is made by S-T-O-A in limited numbers and each creation is made by hand and unique so no two will ever be exactly the same. If you’ve got space in your home to accommodate such a colossal piece of awesomeness, it would be remiss not to do so and our love of the arcade games of yesteryear, coupled with the love of the cracking design and craftsmanship on show has got us wanting one real bad here at Coolector HQ.

Form and function are at the forefront of the thinking with the craftsmanship of these eye-catching arcades and through experimenting with previous design incarnations S-T-O-A have been able to create a truly beautiful and intense arcade experience that you’re going to love – even if you’re not as addicted to retro gaming as the rest of us. To be honest, such is the quality design, one of these arcades would add to the visual appeal of a room even if you never even used it to play the games.

Constructed by skilled craftsman, there is a real tangible sense of quality to these smashing S-T-O-A Modern Arcade Cabinets and you’ll be one over by the aesthetics as much as the gaming options on offer. Available in a variety of colours and styles and with some degree of customisation possible upon request, we’re sure there will be plenty of children of the 80s hankering after one of these great looking devices for their home or office.

Ultimate Gaming Experience

It’s all well and good playing the latest blockbuster videogame online with its immeasurably polished graphics and incredible multi-player action but sometimes the simpler things in life are better and that’s why we love old-school video games here at The Coolector and we can think of few better ways to play them than on one of these S-T-O-A Modern Arcade Cabinets.

Available with one or two player set ups and using modern LCD monitors (as opposed to cathode ray tube ones that are no longer viable) with a scanline generator, the S-T-O-A Modern Arcade Cabinet delivers a black line every other line on the display to reproduce the lower processing power optimisation technique that has been used by game developers on arcade machine screens for the past 40 years and provides the ultimate in retro gaming experiences. Safe to say, this has just firmly planted itself atop our wish list here at Coolector HQ.

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