The Sabertooth

To be perfectly honest, we’ve probably got more beer liberating implements here at Coolector HQ then we’ll ever be able to legitimately use but that doesn’t mean to say that we’re not always interested when a new one comes into our purview and the latest to have caught our eye is the rather brilliant looking The Sabertooth from Raging Mammoth.

This brutally simple, yet frightfully effective, device boasts four functions that will be music to the ears of any regular beer drinker – these being opening bottles, shotgunning beers, pulling can tabs and, on top of all this, it makes every can a punch top. Additionally, you’ll never need be without The Sabertooth as it fits snugly on any keychain for easy opening beers when and where you need it.

Beer drinkers are a simple breed and we typically don’t demand much of our beer freeing implements other than getting the job done and this is something that The Sabertooth definitely does but, better still, manages to look awesome whilst doing it. It has every conceivable function that a beer drinker will ever realistically need and we’re definitely won over by its versatility here at Coolector HQ. Boasting an ergonomic design for easy use, The Sabertooth has the, self-billed, “best shotgunning” device which will be ideally suited to those who are accustomed to boshing their beers in one. Check out a few more shots of The Sabertooth below:




2Gold (1)

Available in a number of different colourways to suit your preferences, The Sabertooth is currently undergoing a funding phase over on Kickstarter and they are close to reaching their target so if you’re wanting a new device for your beer freeing endeavours, you need to show your support for the project and get your hands on some of these cracking accessories for a great price.

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