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Mess is our stock and trade here at The Coolector. We’re so painfully disorganised that we seldom manage to find a single thing that we’re looking for which, inevitably, has the knock-on consequence of being late for more or less everything. We need more structure and organisation in our lives and, for this reason, we’ve sat up and taken notice of a rather excellent piece of furniture that goes by the name of the Leaning Loop Organiser which has the audacity to not only look ace but also provides a much more ordered solution to your storage requirements.

The Leaning Loop is the work of a Toronto based collective of designers who have seen space in the market for a genuinely stylish piece of designer furniture which isn’t intrusive but provides all the possible storage solutions that a homeowner will typically require. The sleek, space-saving design of the Leaning Loop Organiser certainly gives it an unparalleled aesthetic appeal and this is coupled with the fact it will give you a fantastically intuitive space for storing all manner of detritus which we all have when walking through the front door.

Each one of these spiffing specimens has space for shoes, steel hooks for coats and other accessories, a shelving unit for your keys, phone, wallet and other pocket clutter and, the icing on the cake, a magnetic chalkboard which will help make sure you don’t forgot anything in your morning rush. The free-standing nature of this design will appeal to homeowners who are looking for a highly versatile solution and don’t want all manner of installation hurdles to overcome. The Leaning Loop Organiser offers space aplenty and looks the part so there really is nothing not to like about this superb piece of Canadian design. Take a look at a few more shots below:

[vimeo width=”750″ height=”450″]http://vimeo.com/113359492[/vimeo]






Available in various different materials including maple, oak and ash, the Leaning Loop Organiser consists of the very best materials which have been put together by hand by skilled craftsmen in Canada and the finished result is a highly polished looking piece of furniture that will meet your storage needs.

For anyone after a new unit to sit alongside their door that is always on hand for your clutter and elevates the visual appeal of your hallway, you’ll find all this and more with the brilliantly crafted Leaning Loop Organiser and we’re hopeful of seeing these residing next to our door before too long.

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