Old Salt Merchants

Though we have little need for “nautical provisions” here in our landlocked Coolector Headquarters, we can certainly appreciate them heartily nonetheless and we’ve been well and truly bowled over by these utterly brilliant seafaring wares by a brand that goes by the name of Old Salt Merchants.

This family-run business operates out of a Victorian seaport called Port Townsend in Washington, USA and is the work of a talented designer by the name of Anika and a rum-drinker and sailor called Joshua and, between them, they have created a spiffingly attractive and visually appealing set of nautical provisions including coffees, teas, salts, sugars and the finest array of accessories that we’ve seen in a good long while here at The Coolector.

With their brilliantly branded “Dutch” firmly at the helm of the Old Salt Merchants, there is a wonderfully adventurous spirit to this refreshingly rustic brand and we here at The Coolector would very much like to sample some of their delicious sounding teas and spices – particularly the mouth-wateringly monikered Rum & Cola Tea. Check out a few fine examples of the wares to be found aboard the good ship Old Salt Merchant below:

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Perfect for making cocktails and what have you, this is exactly the sort of products that we want in the store cupboards of Coolector HQ and, even if our sea legs may not be the sturdiest, we can definitely impress with our array of nautical supplies from the Old Salt Merchants.

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