The Coolector Man Cave BluePrint


It’s a long held desire of The Coolector to create our very own man-cave here at HQ, where we can engage in manly activities such as moustache growing and beer brewing but, lamentably, we don’t currently have the wares on hand to facilitate said Man-Cave. Here’s what we think we need in order for our man-cave desire to be realised:

Sony 4K Television

SONY 4K Television – £3,500+ from SONY.

Needless to say, no man-cave will be complete without a top of the range television and there are no better on the market currently than this rather spiffing looking SONY KD 4K Television which, I do believe, is set to shepherd in a new generation of ultra-high definition viewing experiences. This magical looking device ramps the pixels up to 8 million and, in the words of SONY, it will be like “looking through a window”. Which is good because The Coolector certainly won’t be going outside much when our man-cave is up and running.


XBOX One – £429+ from Xbox.

Obviously, if we’re going to be rocking the top of the range television in our man-cave, we’re going to need a next generation console to go with it and we have our eyes firmly fixed on the rather impressive looking XBOX One from Microsoft. Boasting stunningly realistic visuals and some pretty amazing looking games right from the launch, we’re sure that this exceptional looking machine will look just fine in Coolector HQ’s man-cave. Here’s one of the main reasons we want one:

[youtube width=”700″ height=”500″][/youtube]

barcelona chair

Barcelona Chair – £500+ from SwivelUK.

We’re obviously going to need a stylish bit of seating for our man-cave and we can’t think of many better than the Mies Van Der Rohe designed and decidedly Don Draper-esque Barcelona Chair pictured above. It may have been released in 1929 but having sat in one from time to time, The Coolector can certainly vouch for its comfort and effortless cool. A welcome addition to our man-cave indeed.


Beer Hawk – £VARIES from Beer Hawk.

We’re going to require beer in our man-cave, that’s a given. Clearly, we aren’t going to want to leave said man-cave in order to source this beer, so we’re going to think laterally and, you guessed it, have the beer delivered to us. We love a good craft ale or two here at Coolector HQ and we’ve stumbled across the rather excellent looking Beer Hawk, which delivers lovely boxes full of beer to your door. You need never be without beer again.


Red Monarch Playing Cards – $7 from Theory 11.

In the event of a power cut, we don’t want our man cave to have been rendered obsolete and will likely regress from the XBOX One to more rudimentary card games. If this is to be the case, however, you can rest assured that we’ll be opting for the creme de la creme of cards and that’s exactly what we’ve got with these devilishly stylish Red Monarch Playing Cards from Theory 11.


Death Wish Coffee – $19 from Death Wish Coffee.

If we’re going to be overindulging in our Beer Hawk deliveries then there are surely going to be occasions when we wake up in The Coolector man-cave feeling a little the worse for wear and in dire need of a bit of a pick-me-up. Enter Death Wish Coffee. Billed as the world’s strongest coffee, Death Wish will likely turn Coolector headquarters into the height of productivity. Or kill all who reside therein.

So, that’s our blueprint for The Coolector man-cave sorted. Just need to source these items now….

…wish us luck.

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