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We spend an almost undue amount of time trawling the internet looking for awesome menswear brands here at Coolector HQ so it is inevitably highly gratifying when we do find one and the awesomeness in question on this occasion comes from the superb series of wares to be found on the digital shelves of Salt & Steel Supply Co.

The fact that we’ve fallen for this brilliant Californian brand will come as a surprise to absolutely no one as they boast exactly the sort of aesthetic that we typically favour and for those men who are similarly enamoured with printed tees and accessories, you too will likely be bowled over. This action based clothing company which has a love of the great outdoors that positively shines through in all their apparel offer everything from tees to bags and everything in between so, if you’ve been won over by the obvious excellence, you’ll find plenty to add to your wardrobe with Salt & Steel Supply Co.

There is plenty to admire with Salt & Steel, not least the fact they support various non-profit global companies and their whole company ethos is a mightily admirable one indeed which merely serves to make us love their cracking apparel still further here at Coolector HQ. Check out some of their best pieces below:







For those men who embrace the outdoor lifestyle, it is important to find the right apparel brands for you and there’s no doubting that Salt & Steel Supply Co. should be at the forefront of your thinking. Understated and boasting unparalleled style, we’re massive fans of all their first rate offerings here at The Coolector. Another prime example of the spiffing menswear brands found in America, Salt & Steel Supply Co. are now well and truly on our radar.

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