This Is A San Francisco Map

San Francisco is undoubtedly one of the favourite cities that we’ve visited here at Coolector HQ but, safe to say, our lack of navigational skill meant that we got lost with great frequency as we made our way from Union Square to the Golden Gate Bridge and everything in between. Truth be told, we could have done with a Sherpa but, in lieu of that, this brilliant looking This Is A San Francisco Map from The Open Company would definitely have come in handy.

What makes this fantastic map of San Francisco a little more impressive than the norm is the way it is folded, to resemble an origami piece and it is printed on waterproof and tear resistant tyvek so it’s a resilient navigational tool that won’t let you down if you use it with the sort of regularity that we here at The Coolector undoubtedly would have done had we one at our disposal.

The brilliantly designed map is more than just a navigational tool, however, it is also a guide and gives light to some of the best coffee shops, some great restaurants and various other sights and sounds that you might not otherwise have encountered were it not for this map. Such is the construction of the map, it is impossible to fold it back incorrectly which is a design feature we certainly approve of given our Coolector clumsiness and we’re hoping that they make similar maps for some of the other cities we plan to visit in 2014. Check out this awesome looking map below:

unfolded san fran

So, if you’re planning a trip to San Francisco in 2014 and you’re wanting a guide for your trip that goes above and beyond your regular fare, this superb This Is A San Francisco Map from The Open Company will doubtlessly fit the bill.

Price: $12

Available: The Open Company

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