Fixie Pizza Cutter

We like cycling here at Coolector HQ but we bloody love pizza, so you’ll understand why we’re so excited to have stumbled across this rather awesome looking Fixie Pizza Cutter from Doiy Design.

If you eat pizza with the worrying regularity which we do here at The Coolector, you’re likely going to be in requirement of a pizza cutting implement and knives just down cut the mustard (or indeed the pizza) so you will want to invest in an implement fit for purpose – namely, a pizza cutter.

And what better iteration is there than this, frankly awesome, Fixie Pizza Cutter in the shape of a bike, with a back wheel serving as the slicer. And, at least this way, you can make the semi-true claim of cycling five times a week – no one need know that the cycling in question is cutting up your pepperoni pizza. Check out this cracking little device below:

fixie-pizza-cutter (1) fixie-pizza-cutter (2) fixie-pizza-cutter (3)

If pizza is your weakness as well then a good looking and functional pizza cutter is a must and this spiffing little number from Doiy Design is definitely one of the best we’ve seen of late.

Price: €18

Available: Doiy Design

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