SANDSARA Kinetic Sculpture

We don’t know about you but when you spend the vast majority of your day in the same workspace, you’ll want to surround yourself with engaging and thought-provoking accessories in order to keep the boredom at bay. Well, there is something funding over on Indiegogo right now which we want in our own workspace here at Coolector HQ in the shape of this striking SANDSARA Kinetic Sculpture which, it’s fair to say, has taken the crowdfunding platform by storm.

The SANDSARA Kinetic Sculpture on Indiegogo is capable of drawing infinite patterns on sand and is available for the bargain price of just £313 during the campaign which is some 22% off the final retail price. This eye-catching workspace or interior design accessory has certainly turned our heads here at Coolector HQ and SANDSARA created this magnificent piece because the other products on the market were either too bulky, too expensive or both. This one really is the best of both worlds.

Drawing a Line in the Sand

This spectacular looking and visually engaging SANDSARA Kinetic Sculpture has been been obsessively engineered down to the smallest detail to reach their objective of crafting an affordable sculpture without sacrificing on the quality. There is something about this sculpture that connects to a very primal part of our brains. It could be the perpetually changing patterns drawn in a bed of very fine sand, or maybe it’s the awe-inspiring motion of the sphere that appears to move by magic – whatever it is, we can’t stop looking at it here at The Coolector.

It is clear that SANDSARA have spent a lot of time perfecting the inner workings of this brilliant kinetic sculpture and this resulted in the development of an extremely compact, yet powerful mechanism that opened the door to an outer shape, unlike anything that you’ll find on the market and the fact you can get one for a bargain price on Indiegogo is the real icing on the cake. Capable of drawing large paths that fill 100% of the sand bed, this is one innovative sculpture.

With all of that wasted space gone, SANDSARA were able to focus on creating an elegant form that immediately catches the attention of everyone who enters the room. Mission accomplished. There is an iOS and Android app which will allow you to download new patterns or translate existing polar or .svg ones, which means you will be able to load pretty much any path you want.

A Piece of Living Art

Put simply, the SANDSARA Kinetic Sculpture is just a captivating piece of art and feels like a new kind of life form creating unique and surprising patterns, which are always evolving. It comes with a beautiful frame that outlines the sand patterns and gives a refined touch to proceedings without stealing your attention. The 45° chamfer in the edges is an understated detail that merges the wooden frame with the sand bed into one.

Available for as little as £313 during the Indiegogo campaign, the SANDSARA Kinetic Sculpture is a great gift to someone or yourself and will really bring your workspace to life. You can choose from walnut and birch wood finishes depending on the interior design aesthetic you’re looking to cultivate and it is available in two different shapes – the Halo and the Stelle – and whichever you choose, it’s going to turn heads aplenty. Head on over to Indiegogo now to add this striking piece of artwork to your home.

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