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They we doubt we smell as bad as the lesser spotted Sasquatch here at Coolector HQ, there are occasions, particularly in the depths of an unventilated summer here at our headquarters, that we might be getting close so it’s a good idea to be prepared for just such an eventuality. As such, we’ve scoured the planet in search of a soap capable of banishing manly odours that are in keeping with that of a yeti and, as luck would have it, our search led us to the door of the Sasquatch Soap Company and their excellent selection of, brilliantly branded, soaps.

The goal of the Sasquatch Soap Company is a simple one – to create a natural and manly soap – and they, and now we, believe that the Sasquatch is the perfect representation of this objective and spirit. The home grown, rustic nature of the Sasquatch Soap Company brand certainly appeals to our sensibilities here at The Coolector and we’re in no doubt that they’ve got one of the finest logos known to man or beast. Not content with resting on their awesomeness laurels, they’ve also created some mightily impressive man soaps that will invigorate you in the morning and rouse you from your Yeti haze. Check out a few of the best below:





If you’re in the market for a new manfume and smelling like a dapper ‘squatch is right up your street (it is ours) then you’re in luck because of the existence of the brilliantly named Sasquatch Soap Company and their spiffing array of soaps that have been crafted in the right way by a small, family run company.

Price: $6+

Available: Dr Squatch

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