Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station

For those of you with a workspace overflowing with tech accessories (as we have here at Coolector HQ), you’ll be only too aware of the struggle of keeping it all juiced but that could soon be an issue of the past courtesy of the ace looking Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station. This clever bit of kit from Satechi allows you to create your own contemporary charging space while keeping all your electronics organised and in the right place.

The Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station has a pre-order price of $59.99 and delivers a wireless charging performance that may just revolutionise your workspace in 2021. Ideally suited for family homes, workspaces, classrooms, and more, the Charging Station can power up to five USB devices at the same time with two USB-C PD ports, two USB-A ports, and a designated Qi wireless charging pad.

Top Class Performance

Ideally suited for charging and keeping your devices organised, the Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station can be placed pretty much anywhere from entryways, kitchen counters to workspaces, classrooms, and more. The technologically advanced Charging Station will do aware with those messy cables and helps to organise your electronics by keeping them in all one place – so you’ll always know where they are. 

The Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station ($59.99) is capable of charging five devices simultaneously which will be more than enough for most workspaces. The design includes two USB-C PD ports (up to 20W each), two USB-A ports (up to 12W each), and a wireless charger (up to 10W) to power up to five devices at a time, so none of your tech devices are left out when the time comes to keep them juiced.

Offering Qi Wireless Charging, this first class device delivers a first class performance that any tech inclined home worker is sure to appreciate in 2021. The design has a designated wireless charging pad to power your Qi-enabled device effortlessly. All you need do is simply place on top and your device will begin to charge – up to 10W. It is not recommended for devices with magnet or credit card cases though.

Organise Your Workspace

Keeping your workspace organised and everything in its right place helps to boost your productivity in our experience here at Coolector HQ and the Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station will help you achieve this objective in considerable style this winter. It looks great and works even better so it’s a real win, win in our opinion.

Superb value for money at just $59.99, the Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station is available for pre-ordering now and we’ll definitely be looking to get our hands on one at The Coolector. Charging your tech effectively is an important part of most people’s work routines and you’ll be doing it in style with this great bit of kit from Satechi.

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