Savotta Jaeger Backpack

One’s backpack needs to have an abundance of features truth be told in order to deliver the sort of performance that most modern men will demand and merely being functional is no longer going to cut it. Men today need a backpack that is versatile, resilient, stylish and crafted from superior materials and it’s not every day that you come across one that excels in all these areas but the Savotta Jaeger Backpack does and we’re thoroughly impressed here at Coolector HQ.

Savotta are a Finnish outdoors lifestyle brand that specialise in crafted rugged, stylish backpacks and one of their latest offerings, the Jaeger, is unquestionably amongst their best. This super cool looking rucksack was originally designed for use by the Finnish border guards and its extensive MOLLE webbing make the backpack a truly modular and versatile tool for everyday use or adventures into the wild.

Slim in design and durable in the extreme, the Jaeger Backpack from Savotta won’t let you down however you choose to use it – whether this be trips in the great outdoors or just during your daily commute – and you can see a few more shots of it in action below:

You know that you’re not going to have any concerns about the durability of this military looking backpack from Savotta and the fact it has been purpose built with the wilderness in mind makes it the perfect choice for those out there looking to get into some outdoor adventures over the next few months.

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