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seattle speedometer

We’re quite a slovenly bunch here at Coolector headquarters and seldom is there a time when we’re going at a speed that would require measuring but for those rare occasions when we do get up a head of steam, you can rest assured that it would be one of these decidedly superb Seattle Speedometers that we’d want informing us of our speed.

Seattle Speedometers are a Portland based restoration and gauge repair store that were founded by the fantastically monikered, Buz Ras, and the extraordinary array of speedometers that you are about to see before you were actually created alongside 12 talented artists who were asked to use some retro speedometers as their canvas and the end results are undeniably awesome. Check out some of our favourites below:









We’re definitely impressed with the visual appeal of these awesome speedometers here at Coolector HQ and we firmly tip our hats in the direction of Seattle Speedometers and the supremely skilled artists who lent their time and talents to the project. Kudos chaps.

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