Yeti Frozen Custard

Custard isn’t really our bag here at The Coolector but God knows we love a good yeti so we’re more than willing to overlook our current lack of love for the dessert for these ridiculously brilliant looking Yeti Frozen Custards which, quite frankly, we’d eat purely for the branding alone.

Yeti Frozen Custards herald from (nope, not the Siberian wilderness) Austin, Texas, where there can be few better places for a tasty frozen dessert and it is the creation of Brad Hardin and Andrea Ramos and their superb looking snack began life on the back of the pair’s ice cream truck and has gone on to become an entity in its own right and for that, and their great branding my We Hate Sheep, we here at The Coolector are very grateful.

Their great looking snack is available in a variety of offerings to suit different taste palates and just a few of the best sounding to us include the Dizzy Yeti, the Himalayan and the Naked Yeti and regardless of your tastes, you’re sure to find a flavour that suits within their cracking selection. Check out their top notch wares below:




We’ve undoubtedly got a sweet tooth here at The Coolector and whilst it’s yet to sample frozen custard, there is something about this Yeti Frozen Custard that is strangely compelling – well, not so strange, yetis are ace – and we’re going to have to try and get our hands on some ASAP in order to sample its probable delights.

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