Apothecary 87 Shaving Goods

An awful lot of dedication goes into the growth of a beard, resulting in a companionship like no other. As a result it goes without saying that the proud owner of said beard, then treats his (or her) companion with the upmost care and respect.

So when heroes like Sam Martin come along, quietly going about their business, we rejoice and give thanks to the beard lords that a savior walks tall amongst us.

But we tell you now, our man didn’t set about creating a brand to fall into a pile of cash, no, he did it because he needed a product that the market didn’t offer, and that’s true entrepreneurship.

A combination of tastes and legacy, the brand name ‘Apothecary 87’ lays an alluring tribute in the direction of Sam’s late Granddad, whom passed at the age of 87. Masses of fellow beardies soon got wind of the treats on offer, and to date Sam is served by a loyal audience of ultra-hipsters looking to purchase their very own beard oil, moustache wax, moustache comb, and shaving oil.

Such is the dedication of his following; Sam has formed ‘The Man Club’, an online beard society whereby consumers can group together and revel in the wonders of Apothecary 87. Hardly surprisingly, leading male beard models Billy Huxley and Chris John Millington are supporters of the brand, with the later forming a successful partnership with Apothecary, under the ‘Milly’s’ title.

beard-oil-50ml kent-folding-comb moustache-wax1

Having read this not only are we inspired by the products, we at The Coolector are inspired by the mission, and want to be a member of the Apothecary 87 Beard Brigade, only question is will we be accepted?

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