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When you think of so called “smart glasses” or computer glasses, your mind will inevitably gravitate towards nerdy eyewear chocked full of unnecessary tech that isn’t conducive to the way we live our lives. These Computer Glasses from Seefarer, however, are an entirely different kettle of fish and they are purpose built to deal with an issue that the vast majority of us deal with on a daily basis – namely, excessive usage of computers and, for those who find this wreaking havoc on their eyesight, you’re going to want to carry on reading.

The Seefarer Computer Glasses are funding over on Kickstarter right now and they boast a multitude of uses that are sure to appeal to today’s overworked individual. They are, essentially, a protective form of eyewear which has been designed from the ground up to deal with the modern workplace and, as such, boast an understated design that belies their technical prowess. If you regularly find yourself getting headaches at your desk or struggling to sleep at night, the Seefarer Computer Glasses may well be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Block the Blue

The main benefit of these Seefarer Computer Glasses funding over on Kickstarter is their capacity to block out the blue light that computers emit and which are largely responsible for the headaches and lack of sleep that is often synonymous with extended computer usage. This clever piece of eyewear comes with a lifetime guarantee and helps to eradicate the strain on your eyes that comes from consistent computer usage day in, day out and will make both day and night more comfortable for your eyes and brain.

Essentially looking like a regular piece of stylish eyewear, these Seefarer Computer Glasses understands that most people will spend over 7 hours each day looking at a computer screen and the amount of blue light emitted during this time can often lead to headaches and difficult sleeping. This first rate piece of eyewear from Seefarer fixes that by blocking out this spectrum of light and each pair of glasses is crafted to exceptional quality and robustness to ensure that they’re not just keeping the blue light at bay but also making sure you look good whilst doing it.

The Seefarer Computer Glasses come in a number of different frame choices – namely, Rigby, Dillon and Austin – and each has their own design features that set them apart from one another, meaning that you’ll be able to find the perfect piece of eyewear to match your own personal sense of style. With frames made from handcrafted Italian acetate, you needn’t worry about the robustness of this eyewear and they deliver both style and performance in spades.

A Look Through The Lenses 

It is the clever lenses that really set the Seefarer Computer Glasses apart from the crowd and they have proprietary filtering technology that is capable of blocking out the harmful blue rays emitted by our computer screens. This will make your eyes more relaxed and make you feel more rested than would otherwise be the case after staring at a computer screen for over seven hours a day.

Quality is the call of the day throughout with these Seefarer Computer Glasses with the best materials used in their construction to ensure longevity and impeccable craftsmanship to make sure that they will always be there to protect you when you fire up your computer in the morning. So, if you find yourself riddled with headaches after hours at the computer or struggling to switch off at night, these Seefarer Computer Glasses, which are funding on Kickstarter as we speak, might just be the ideal solution for your needs.

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