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Kickstarter never seems to let us down when it comes to discovering new watch brands. It’s a veritable hotbed of horology and whenever we’re on the hunt for new wrist accessories, it is invariably our first port of call here at Coolector HQ. It’s delivered the goods once again in the form of these understated and impeccably stylish Variant Watches which will definitely appeal to anyone hunting a bold, affordable timepiece for their wrist.

Variant Watches strive to craft affordable, top-quality, premium watches which have been carefully designed with an attention style and functionality in mind. There’s are all features that positively shine through with these well crafted watches from Variant and they’re a fine example of the sort of affordable quality that is there to be found on Kickstarter if only you are prepared to look for it.

Victorious Variant

Watches are, for the most part, inherently expensive and this can be a bitter pill to swallow for many so we’re always on the hunt for timepieces at the more affordable end of the spectrum but which don’t compromise on style or performance here at Coolector HQ and this led us squarely to the door of Variant Watches and their cracking collection of timepieces which are funding over on Kickstarter as we speak.

The quality of Variant Watches, not to mention the versatility, really does set them apart from the competition, and they should be thoroughly commended for their desire to create original, high-quality timepieces that are designed with a striking aesthetic and functionality at a reasonable and honest price that reflects the components and materials that have been used. Refreshingly honest in their approach, without any pretentious claims of faux inspirations, the guys at Variant just love watches and wanted to create their own affordable, cool looking watch brand – so, they did.

Striving to create a modern watch with a timeless design, Variant produced an uncluttered, yet visually interesting watch that was visually clean but that would stand out in a watch industry beset with minimalist style timepieces. If you look at the design of the dials on a Variant watch, you’re sure to see some design feature or other that demands your attention. And, the closer you look, the more small intricacies you’ll discover with every detail of these first rate watches.

Material Matters

Despite the affordability on offer with these Variant Watches, there is no scrimping on the materials that have been used and you’ll find them crafted from 316L stainless steel, sapphire crystal glass, with a Swiss-made Ronda Cal. 6004.D (5 jewelled) movement and a 10ATM water resistance so, as you can see, they’re no slouch in the performance department.

Another fine example of Kickstarter producing the goods so far as affordable, well made and stylish watches are concerned, Variant are the sort of timepieces that have a universal appeal and for any man on the hunt for some superb new watches on their wrist this year, you’ll certainly not go too far wrong with this cracking collection.

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