SēL Instrument M-Hook Rescue Tools

We’re pretty serious about our EDC here at Coolector HQ and if something doesn’t add to the functionality of our line up, it doesn’t make it in. That’s why items like this SēL Instrument M-Hook Rescue Tool are one of the first things that make the cut because not only are they highly functional, they are one of the coolest and stealthiest looking pieces of EDC you’re likely to encounter.

The simple and lightweight SēL Instrument M-Hook Rescue Tools are available in regular and nano sizes and they are cleverly designed to provide a versatile multi-role solution for cutting of all types of ropes, cordage, quick cuffs, textiles/fabrics, webbing, straps, and belts in a variety of situations from battlefield medicine to self-rescue. If you’re after a piece of EDC that is going to help get you out of a bind, this would definitely be one of our first choices here at The Coolector.

Packed Full of Features

As you would expect from a tool designed for action on the battlefield, these fantastically versatile M-Hook Rescue Tools from SēL Instrument are positively overflowing with features that will come in handy in an array of situations whether they be in civilian life or battle. Some of the stand out features include the the ability to cut up to 16mm rope, oxygen post-valve wrench, an ultra lightweight aircraft-grade (6061-T6) aluminium handle and a stainless steel blade hardened RHC60 which is double-sided double-bevel-edged with stainless steel hardware.

The SēL Instrument M-Hook Rescue Tools have prices starting at $58 which is an absolute bargain in our opinion here at The Coolector given its potential for getting you out of many an awkward situation. It is finished in non-reflective anodized MIL-A-8625 Type III Class 2 which provides the sort of robust, no-nonsense performance that is essential for this type of tool. It’s not going to let you down when you need it the most and that’s why this tool from SēL Instrument is so popular amongst those in the forces.

Each one of these tools is individually serialised and will be unique to you and your EDC line up of tools and accessories. SēL Instrument are one of the best in the business when it comes to everyday carry essentials (and indeed timepieces) and there are few better examples of their capabilities in this field than the awesome looking and supremely functional M-Hook Rescue Tools.

A Brand You Can Trust

SēL Instrument is an R&D focused high-performance manufacturer located in Arizona, USA. Started back in 2013, their goal has been to challenge and deconstruct many traditional embodiment’s the manufacturing process and re-engineer better solutions for robust field instruments. This shines through in awesome releases like this M-Hook Rescue Tool and for those who demand nothing but the best from their accessories, look no further.

Measuring success not only by the quality of their products but also by the breadth of relationships they cultivate to support other EDC manufacturers, defence contractors, and the end users of our products in the field, SēL Instrument are a brand we’ve got a lot of time for here at The Coolector and we can’t wait to see what other timepieces and EDC essentials they’ve got in store for 2020 and beyond.

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